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Please Read Carefully Before Making a Refund Request

Policy Wording for Retail Customers

Our general refund policy is as follows:

If you have set up a purchase via a BOT you have LOST your MONEY no matter if it was you or someone else.

If you have made a purchase by MISTAKE then you MUST tell us BEFORE we can REFUND your MONEY.

We will need to know why you made the purchase in the first place. Please be prepared to explain fully the reason you have made the purchase and the reason you want to return it.

You will need to send this information to us via an email to: info@myersgaragedoors.co.uk we will then judge if your claim is valid or malicious. If your claim is found to be Malicious then you will be refused and you will lose your right to a refund.

We need to send you a refund number and the correct return address as we sometimes use a distributor to ship the items for us, this helps to keep our stock to a minimum.

Of course we accept people might buy a product in error, if this is the case you should tell us and return the item for an exchange. We have no desire to cheat you in any way but we are required to protect the business from fraudulent claims. There is very little profit in selling spare parts to the retail customer, we do so as part of our general service to you, however we will not be allowed to lose money by offering this service. If you are seeking a FREE RETURNS service then we can recommend that you join Amazon Prime and buy products from them instead of us.