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Take a look below to view our services that are available to you in the areas we cover.

Side Hinged Doors

We offer a Garador side hinged installation service for our domestic customers. There are lots of door styles to choose from, like the “Carlton” above

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Compact Roller Doors

Compact roller doors made by SWS UK as above, is one of the best roller shutters available to date. If you have limited headroom we recommend the Compact door.

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Seceuroglide Original

The Seceuroglide Original is a great door and comes with the most secure build type of any current domestic garage door in the UK. Made by SWS UK

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Up & Over Garage Doors

We offer Hormann and Garador Canopy and Retractable garage door installation service for our domestic customers.

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Repair Service

Has your garage door got a problem with it. Nine times out of ten a repair is the simplest option. It’s also usually the cheapest.

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Sectional Garage Doors

We offer superb Sectional Garage Doors manufactured by Hormann or Garador. Other makes are available if you must.

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Make it Electric

Hormann Supramatic Series 4

These day’s there is no need to get out of your car to open the garage door. Simply press a button on the remote control.

Alternatively if you have a Hormann Supramatic E Series 4 installed by us, you can use your mobile phone to open the door, providing the Hormann App is installed on the device.

About The Owner

Ian Myers has been in the domestic garage door industry since 2006. He has been trading by himself and with staff since 2009. Ian knows what he is talking about when it comes to garage doors. There is nothing he does not know about them and he is able to repair and install new garage doors for you and your family. Please note that Ian moved from the Gatwick area to Northern Scotland in 2014.

He had staff in the southeast covering for him and they worked very hard for him for the first few years until Covid happened. Ian Contracted Covid and ended up with Health Issues as a result of “long covid”. Now Ian is able to work again he has re-started the company in Northern Scotland.

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We are passionate about giving you the best service possible.


Our Service is completely professional, we offer a FULL service from start to finish.


We are always on hand to help you if there are any issues with your door.