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Up & Over Garage Doors

Garador Georgian Canopy Garage Door
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Up & Over Garage Doors

The one-piece up and over garage door remains popular, with new designs, finishes, and colours continually entering the UK market to match the latest home improvement trends.

Historical Significance and Continued Relevance
Since the 1960s, the up and over garage door has been the predominant type installed across the UK. However, as roller and sectional garage doors became more widespread, the traditional spring, cable, and basic locking systems of up and over doors came into question. Despite this, up and over doors have endured, mainly due to their ease of installation and adaptability to the smaller garages common in the UK. Internal obstructions often make sectional doors impractical, and limited headroom can reduce the suitability of roller doors by lowering drive-through height.

Features of a High-Quality Up and Over Door Mechanism

  • Sturdy Chassis: Preferably made from box section.
  • Durable Materials: Galvanised steel components and a high-quality paint or laminate finish.
  • Reliable Springs: Zinc-plated springs to prevent rust and deterioration.
  • Effective Locking System: Steel rods are preferable for stability over cables, which can stretch and dangle when the door is open.
  • Steel Fixing Sub Frame: Recommended wherever possible for better sealing, increased security, and a perfect match with the door panel.

Automation Compatibility
Both canopy and retractable up and over doors can be automated:

Canopy Doors

Typically up to 8 feet wide, featuring a spring across the top and protruding a third of the door when open.

Retractable Doors

Suitable for any size, with side springs and rails guiding the door into the garage.

Weathersealing Considerations
Up and over garage doors cannot provide a complete weather seal due to the necessary tolerances in the frame opening. While high-quality doors minimize gaps effectively, the bottom of the door remains the most vulnerable to gaps, which are essential for the door’s operation.

Modern Design Trends
Recent market introductions include highly modern designs, such as Garador’s range of ‘designer’ steel doors featuring stainless steel elements. These designs are intended to complement front entrance doors from brands like Hormann or Garador, providing a cohesive and contemporary look for homeowners.

In summary, while the up and over garage door may seem traditional compared to roller and sectional alternatives, it continues to evolve with innovative designs, materials, and technologies, making it a viable and attractive option for many UK homes.

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