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Remote Admin Staff Wanted


We are looking for staff to answer the phone and book jobs in for our fitters. You will be required to work from home on your designated work day(s) and answer the phone that we will provide you with. If you miss any calls you will need to call the customer back immediately.

You will need to enter information onto our CRM via our website. You can use your own PC or we can provide a laptop for work purposes only.

At Home you will need:

  • A Wifi Connection
  • A PC to connect to our server
  • A Mobile Phone

Your duties will include:

  • Answering phone calls and booking in jobs
  • Typing up Invoices and sending them to the customers via email / mail
  • Recording the Invoices via Quickbooks
  • Recording the Expenses of the fitters via Quickbooks
  • Ensuring the invoices are paid and chasing any outstanding
  • General customer service via the phone.

Salary to be discussed at interview but will meet Living Wage as a minimum.

To apply send your CV in the 1st instance to: info@myersgaragedoors.co.uk